How do I share to Twitter and/or Facebook?

It’s fun to share your Weathermob reports. Every time you create a report, we make a webpage with your report on it. If you share on Facebook or Twitter, your friends and followers will be able to see this.

To set up sharing, go to You > Settings > Social Networks.

Select Facebook and/or Twitter, and you’ll be taken to the relevant service to authorise. Once you’ve done this, you will see on the Report screen that you can turn on sharing by hitting the Twitter or Facebook icons in the top right of the screen. Colour means you’re set to share, grey means no sharing. You can share to either or both with every report.

If you’re having trouble with posts no longer showing up on Facebook, or you can’t select the Facebook icon in the report screen, go back to You > Settings > Social Networks and turn Facebook off and on again – this fixes most problems.

There has been a bug still affecting a few people which we are working on. If this affects you, delete Weathermob from your iPhone and download it again from the App Store (here) – you can login with your Weathermob account and all your reports will still be there, and you can then setup Facebook or Twitter again. This seems to have fixed the issue for all those still having trouble.

How do I see who’s commented on my reports?

We’re working on a better notification system for a future version of the app. For the moment, you can go into the You section of the app, and hit Your Reports. This will give you all your reports in a stream view, and you can view and reply to any comments.

What am I seeing on the Home screen?

The home screen presents a snapshot of the current weather conditions and current mood for all the people in the location you’re in.

The text box in the middle of the screen is the home to what we call Flurries – these weather headlines are short messages which highlight something about the current or upcoming weather, or tell you information about the location you’re in or what your friends are up to in the app. We will also use this to highlight weather stories around the world.

At the bottom of the screen is the mini-stream – this is a highlight of the pictures and icons users are including in their reports. Click on one of these to view the report in the Latest stream.

How do I make a weather report?

Hit the report button in the upper right hand corner to take you into the reporting screen.

Firstly decide if you want to share your report on Twitter and / or Facebook. If you’ve already set this up, you can just hit the icons in the top right to switch it on. If the icons are colour, you’re set to share, if they are greyed out, your report will just be shared within Weathermob’s stream.

Use the dials to set 1. weather state, 2. to tell us how you’re feeling, and 3. choose a picture icon to describe what your weather makes you feel, or makes you want to wear, or want to do.

You can then add video, or a photo, or words to your report. Don’t be shy – why not make your debut as a weatherwoman / weatherman and star in your report? We need you!

When you’re done, hit Send Report and that’s it.

I’ve seen something inappropriate in a Weathermob report or someone’s making inappropriate/spammy comments

We want Weathermob to be a friendly, respectful community. If a user is making comments that are threatening, offensive or just spammy, we will warn them and if necessary delete their account. Email admin [at] weathermob [dot] me with details of the user or report. Including screenshots is always helpful.

I don’t speak metric / What on earth is ºF?

You can decide whether you want miles/km, ºF (Farenheit) or ºC (Celsius), and the 12 hour or 24 hour clock. Head to You then Settings and select Numbers and Units.

I’ve forgotten my login and password

If you’ve forgotten your password, logout of the app by hitting You and Settings. Then hit Report to bring up the login screen. You’ll have a chance to ask for password reset instructions to be sent to you.

How do I control what reports I am seeing in Latest?

The Latest stream will show you either reports near to the current location for the app, or all reports globally. To switch between them, touch and hold the Latest icon in the menu bar at the bottom, and a popup will enable you to switch between Current Location and World.

What does it mean to follow people? How do I do it?

As more and more people signup to Weathermob, you may find it harder to see reports from your friends in the Latest stream. If you follow people, their reports will appear in the Following stream, which is just your curated choice of reports and reporters.

To follow people, you can either hit the Follow button on any of their reports, or you can hit Add Friends in the You section. It’s easy to see which of your Facebook friends, or the people you follow on Twitter, are using Weathermob, and to follow them.

You can stop following something by hitting the blue Following icon under any of their reports, and selecting Unfollow.