Making the Weather Better Even When It's Good

Get the most local, relevant, accurate and fun weather forecast from real-time reporters around the corner and, the world

Weathermob is the world's largest community-based weather service - a real-time combination of mobile, social and meteorological data capturing the weather at any given moment in over 135 countries.

What's It Really Like Outside?

No one in a TV studio and a suit can beat us working together. The information we all need to better predict the weather outside our front door is already out there from the real people under the sky experiencing it. Weathermob is a crowdsourced network of those people-- "weather people"--literally reporting on conditions near you from the ground up.

Who's Experiencing What I Am?

Ever wondered who was having weather like you? Reporting near you? Feeling like you? Or just doing the same things you are? Weathermob shows how your weather report relates to the report stream coming in from reporters all over the world!

Your Very Own Weather Channel

Ever wanted your own weather channel that only covered the conditions you cared about? Us too! Make a channel to follow any activity, any place or anyone on the World's Largest Weather Community.